Northern Neck Regional Division


The Northern Neck Regional Division of the Office on Youth (OOY) receives Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) funding to provide services to Essex, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties. Services in the Northern Neck are currently limited to court-involved youth from the Counties of Essex, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland. Referrals for services are initiated by the 15th District Court Service Unit. OOY provides the following services within the Northern Neck Region.

Services Provided

Community Service Work
Provides supervision of community service work projects for referred clients. OOY implements restorative justice principles to assist clients in being accountable for their actions. This includes assisting client to understand how their delinquent actions negatively impacted the community, participating in activities promoting client’s bond with the community, and promoting an understanding of how their community service effort assists the community they reside in. OOY partners with the agencies assisting those in need, schools, local clubs, and government agencies.

Electronic Incarceration Program (EIP)
Supervision is provided as an alternative to more costly secure detention. Referrals are generally court-ordered, but the Court Service Unit often uses EIP as a detention alternative. EIP allows the client to remain in the home community, but provides restrictions on where clients may visit. By providing EIP services to clients of the appropriate risk level, OOY has been able to reduce detention utilization and costs for participating localities.

Life Skills Program
Provides youth who are court-ordered or who are referred by the Court Service Unit with a multi-component program aimed at assisting clients to prepare for adulthood. Services focus on assisting youth in meeting their academic requirements, providing job skills and assistance when appropriate, improving social skills, and encouraging pro-social behavior to improve their relationships with family and peers.

Substance Abuse Education Group
Substance abuse education group for youth who are referred by the Court or the 15th District Court Service Unit. OOY utilizes Project Towards No Drug Abuse which has been found to effective in reducing tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and hard drug usage, as well as reducing the victimization rate of the participant.

Anger Management Education Group
Anger management group for youth referred by the court or the 15th District Court Service Unit. OOY utilizes the 21st Century Anger Management Program for Youth. The Program teaches clients the 8 tools to successfully manage their anger.

There are currently no client fees charged for these services.